Feely Productions



We believe expertise is common. But an assured, personal touch, however, is rare. An in-depth knowledge of the business allows us to grasp that no brief is straightforward. But it also instills in us the confidence that we will find a solution. 


What We Do

Our offerings range from conceptualisation to production to motion graphics. And with more than 30 years of industry experience, we are perfectly poised to produce content for the next generation of viewers.



The social media generation demands content that entertains. Not advertising that talks down to them. It is now de rigueur for every message to function as ‘content’ that can be uploaded. We aim to imbue every piece of communication with a dose of realism, humour or humanity (whichever works best). The result is messages that serve to not only educate and inform but also engage the viewer.


When concept meets craft and storytelling, the result is magic. Capturing the subtleties of emotions or the nuances of humour is no easy task. As a renowned creative director-turned director, Francis Tan appreciates the fine balance that is required in filmmaking. And as any client of ours will tell you, the result of his efforts makes for compelling viewing.

Motion Graphics

Technology’s inexorable march now allows us to create magic without needing to shoot. A still picture or typeface can be transformed into a breathtaking explosion of motion, colours and backgrounds. It is a mad joy to manipulate Step-Motions and After Effects to achieve the desired effects. We find Motion Graphics particularly handy when the budget is not able to keep up with the idea.


Chief Sitting Bull says, “All work and no play makes a creative less creative.” So, we indulge our fancies (and sometimes, fantasies) to come up with ideas without a brief. (That would explain the dancing eggshells and a bull with headgear.) Seriously though, we think it helps keep our work fresh. And more than once, it has led to a solution for a real brief. We think it is a win-win.


Featured Work